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I'm janaeva swanigan


I am a Michigan native who now resides in California after a clear call from God to "go". Mother of two, grandmother of two, and the oldest of three siblings. As a single woman for more than twelve years, I have mastered the skill of thriving in my singleness. As a previous member of the LGBTQ+ community for more than ten years, I embarked on a new journey to discovering my purpose. I accepted the challenge of spiritual and personal growth, which has allowed me to become authoritative in every area of my life. As a graduate of The Resort International School of Supernatural Ministries (R.I.S.S.M), I have learned to stay anchored in my identity in Christ. I serve as the lead youth pastor at my local church and I am a passionate steward of my ministry to women who struggle with identity and singleness. In my book titled "What Color Is Freedom?" I go into depth about my own struggles and ultimate freedom from bondage in different areas of my life. I share the strategies and keys to unlocking different levels of freedom that many people don't know is available. Although my ministry is geared toward the single Christian woman, many of the principles I discuss in my book are relevant to anyone searching for freedom in any area of their life. I pray that this book finds you not just in a place of desire, but desperation! When you are desperate for freedom, it is then that you are really ready! 

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