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Single Christian Women, Are You Ready To Divorce Pornography For Good This Time?

Find out how I permanently broke free from a lifestyle of pornography without waisted time on temporary methods and self help guides.

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  •  Find out why porn is not the real issue.
  • Become the ruler over every urge.
  • ​Learn to dominate your triggers.
  • ​Master the art of self control!
  • ​"MIND" your mindset!

It's Time To Crush The Pain That Comes With Porn Addiction And Get Your Life BACK.

  • ​Self condemnation: never feel the weight of guilt  again.
  • Depression: Experience lasting joy in your mind!
  • Helplessness: Get back to feeling capable and able again!
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For the first time ever, access the keys to everlasting freedom From Porn.

You are getting the SAME information in this book that I provide to my private coaching clients for a 1 hour coaching session.

The difference between the two?...1 hour of coaching from me would cost you $10,000. This book only costs $19.95.

This book is about  FREEDOM FROM...So that you can have the freedom TO.....To DO, To BEcome a regulator of your life.

This book is about SECRETS... Uncover the hidden things that your enemy has been keeping from you so that you can stay in a stuck place and never live a life of freedom from sexual bondage.  

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"I've never felt more free, Internally it is well with me"
                                                                            ~Janaeva Swanigan~

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